Date: July 7 - 12, 2014


Prof. (FH) Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Tucek
Programme Director Music Therapy
IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems



Poster Guidelines

The poster size is DIN A1, 84 centimeters high and 59,4 centimeters wide.


  • Please caption your poster with the abstract title, authors´ names and affiliations.
  • Include succinct text in short, separated paragraphs similar to the abstract structure (i.e. including ‘Objectives’, ’Methods’, ‘Results’ and ‘Conclusion’).
  • For the viewers, the poster will be easier to scan if materials are arranged in columns rather than rows.
  • Titles and captions should be short and easy to read. Numbered or bulleted lists are effective ways to convey a series of points. Ideally, illustrate your text with few but clear tables, and a few photos or graphics.
  • Text and figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance of at least one meter and should use clear, visible graphics and large lettering.
  • Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines. Additional essential information should be provided below in a legend. Photographs should have good contrast, sharp focus and, if necessary, an indication of scale.
  • Use a consistent font throughout, for example HELVETICA. Lettering should be large and in bold type, but do not set entire paragraphs in uppercase (all capitals) or boldface type.
  • Headings should be a minimum of 50 point size, whereas a minimum of 25 point size typeface is ideal for text.

Please note that for poster presentation, the congress registration of the presenting author is required!

Poster Printing Service

Together with our partner Printshop Krems we offer an online printing service for the posters. Please find the online order tool here.

All ordered posters can be picked up directly at the congress venue on Monday, 7th July and Tuesday, 8th July 2014.


Important Information

  • The price of a DIN A1 poster is 24 € incl. VAT.
  • The method of payment is cash only when you pick up your order at the congress venue.
  • Please note that the Printshop Krems can only guarantee for a correct print result by sending a PDF file (max 10MB).


In case you need any other printed material for the congress please contact