Date: July 7 - 12, 2014


Prof. (FH) Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Tucek
Programme Director Music Therapy
IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems



International Scientific Committee

An International Scientific Committee has been set up in consultation with the WFMT Council with experts representing different Geographic regions in the World.

Dr. Thomas Stegemann
Dr. Monika Glawischnig-Goschnik
Iris Zoderer
Dr. Patrick Simon

Ms. Sunelle Fouché

Australia/New Zealand
Dr. Sarah Hoskyns (NZ)
Dr. Helen Shoemark (AUS)

North America
Dr. Petra Kern (USA)
Dr. Cheryl Dileo (USA)
Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes (CDN)

Latin America
Dr. Lia Rejanne Mendes Barcellos (Brazil)
Dr. Diego Schapira (Argentina)

Southeast Asia
Dr. Sumaty Sundar (India)
Dr. Bussakorn Binson (Thailand)

Jaakko Erkkilä (Finland)
Dr. Thomas Hillecke (Germany)

Western Pacific
Dr. Satoko Inoue (Japan)
Dr. Wolfgang Mastnak (China/Germany)